Founded in 1979, Woojin Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacture of industrial fans and steel plants. Based on the management philosophy of customer first, technology first and world first, we have been challenging unlimited possibility, positioned in the center of machine industry. Having acquired ISO 9001 certification for our product quality, we have been making every effort in industrial-educational research and development and innovative quality and technology. Also, based on specialized technology and know-how, we are endeavoring to develop new technology of special RC fans having high efficiency and low noise. In steel plant,
we are participating in engineering of steel process line with world-class makers at home and abroad such as Posco Construction , New Nippon Steel, Chugairo and Daedong Special Steel.We will do our best to satisfy our customers by thorough quality control, follow-up control, and cost control so that our company be known worldwide as a reliable and trustful enterprise.
Thank you.