Company name
Woojin Machinery Co., Ltd.
President Lim Sung-Keun
Head Office Factory
696-10 Seo-gu, Gyeongseo-dong.Incheon (Seobu Industrial Park 13B-8L)
Telephone No.
(032) 562-2500∼5
(032) 562-2506
e-mail /
April 25, 1979
Business Type
Manufacture of fans and steel plant
1) Fan
* RC fan for industrial furnace
* Various kinds of fans and blowers
2) Steel plant
* Process line (CCL,CGL,APL,BAL)
* Coater
* Joiner
* Flying shear
* Side trimmer
Factory Floor space Site 1,800 py (5,942㎡)
80 명
Sincere attitude
Innovative thinking
Humane harmony
Make and supply best products through continuous
   improvement for maximization of customer satisfaction.
Satisfy customers by means of KS A / ISO 9001 quality management system requirements.
All teams engage in continuous improvement activity to attain the quality target every year.
Evaluate the relevancy and effectiveness of the quality management system periodically.